Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down

On BEcoming

In my old age I am finding that I am becoming a pretty good at communicating, at least today I am much better writer than I was in grade school… my MOM doesn’t have to help me anymore!

I write because I want to both support others w/ my disease, show them that they are not alone AND debunk the way contemporary society currently looks at mental illnesses. (It’s getting better, people are getting educated – my closest friends in particular, but it’s still not GREAT! There’s ALOT of ignorance!)

…I am a creative person; my interpretation of things is somewhat off, on a good day but so is it for most creatives! But what I am looking for is equality; you know levelling the playing field & celebrating our commonality! And that includes: Black/Whites, Gays/Straights, Mens/Womens, Sane/Insane, Democrats/Republicans, Christens/Jews… everyone – you get the picture?

So, I am happy to share that I am coming into my own in my 40’s – blossoming really. I am a late bloomer I guess? …I imagine finding the ending to my autobiography, my (Bipolar) Screenplay, will take it to a whole other level!? Wish me luck?

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