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ME & my Tatoo’s

IF I remember correctly, my first Tattoo was in College. My roommate took me with her to get a Spider, a tarantula I think? I took my drawing of “Sacred Space”, forget which “Charge” I drew it for. Think it was at UC.

Nope that wasn’t it. My First Tattoo was on my right big toe. It was a little Sun. One of my better friends and I did matching tat’s. Boy was my Mom PISSED! I was a mere sixteen (16).

Then when I bored of it & lost the Friendship, in College, I had an Artist turn it into my First Design in Architecture School, @ UC, of “Sacred Space”!

Not long after, one afternoon, on my lunch break in NYC, I had yet another Artist help me “clean it up”. Being told that I was a Student of Architecture, he & I? agreed to take all the limits of my original Design & trace their outline and veil my past tat’s in BLACK. (Originally, I wanted it veiled in NUDE, that was my original request, but that was unavailable to ME at the time.) In the end it kinda looked like a Cross or the plan of a Church; a rectangle with the corners missing. (Most people laughed at me when they saw it. Even after I told them it’s HIstory…)

Would share it’s picture with you Today but I have since had all THREE of them removed. (Four has been a lucky number for me, since I met my husband.) If you want to see what it looks like Today, look at “Being Bipolar Isn’t Easy” on FaceBook. Doubt I’ll ever get another Tattoo; they really hurt! Especially when it was right over the bone. BUT getting it removed in DC hurt even more.

I remember, I would lie on the beautician’s table and squirm in pain, don’t think I ever verbalized my internal begging her to STOP, but the Light removalist was RELENTless. Bless her <3.