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and the Art of Slowing it Down

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The Art of Slowing it Down(town)

Hey!!!!! LONG TIME no post. Welcome to a not so eloquent mini dissertation on why I changed my tagline.

By God’s good graces, I’m coming back to my senses and believes that this – this site – needs to be here. (Unpublished it for a LONG while.) But I am biased. The first thing that I did is change my tagline to “and the Art of Slowing it Down(town)”? It has been, since 2011, “on being Creative & Mentally Handicapped” but the new & improved one is so much more positive.

For the most part, I’m kinda new & improved too. But we’ll get to that sooner or later. …I am not giving myself, operative word giving as in gifting, myself the time ATM to change my theme – apparently it’s old & has been retired – but I am considering advocating on IG again & parlaying between here & there.

In short, I like writing and need/want somewhere to share. The week I started this DRAFT, just two-ish short weeks ago, surprisingly I celebrated my eighth (8th) year blogging. I would have sworn that it was so much longer than that.

For the immediate future, I’m gonna attempt to go deep/explore and share how my deluded mind, conspiracy theories have really broken me – how the same old story continues to haunt me after all these years. How disrupting it is/ they are to my daily life, how they threaten my family, even when I’m stable… how they can strike hard and come out of the blue & derail me at times and how I continually re-invest myself to learn how to tame that beast.

I gather technically I have to sell a book first to make a difference – forget a Screenplay, I’m not equipped to imagine a Screenplay. As it is I’m having a hard time bringing my Jewelry Organizers to life – <yes Reader, I know that that’s not an appropriate use of dashes, but ATM I don’t care. This is America and within reason so I’ll do what I please.> to possibly influence.

I’ve been through the ringer and I know from experience that mental resilience is possible. I’m disciplining that flesh eating, soul sucking chemical dragon. And like I said, in general I’m finding peace.

In short – I’ve given up the fight although there’s still a formidable fighter in ME… in doing so I feel great freedom to have released many an ambition to seek justice and I more easily love and accept. Isn’t there a song about love being better than justice? Once upon a time all I wanted was justice… sorry, I digress.

I’m working to stay open, be present, (yeah you’ve heard the drill but this crap actually works) accept most everything. It’s fcuking HARD …but I continue to have tried & true trust/faith – a renewed commitment to evolving at large, to being a Peace Maker of all things. Personally, I’d like to live in a more transparent world if not just in my small nucleus. We’re only as big as our circle of “friends”.

A more evolved global community IM(humble)O would be well TRANSPARENT, vulnerable, more collaborative and less fearful. All those yummy juicy good things. …today’s youth would be HAPPIER. Elevated in such a way to take on what’s next.

I was stuck for so long – broken even longer than that. Realigning with my purpose is helping me feel more accomplished. Like I have already arrived – like I have done smth of value, when I haven’t really done anything of great consequence and or significance at all. Which is really why writing this is so much easier. I keep telling myself, “be not afraid. He/she’s got the whole world in his/her hands.” …I have nothing to prove. I have no where to go, no place to be – but here, now.

I (just) have a dream, to really impact ppl’s lives. I am far from perfect – I am a work in progress: someone somewhere said “I am a work in progress, I am getting to my goal a ‘lil at a time (&) not all at once.” So I welcome you, if not for the first time but once again, to join me on my writer’s journey – on my ?self-care progress. ‘Cuz I do listen to one Spiritual authority and that’s Chopra – he says “the most powerful way to do good is to act from the core of your being” he further elaborates, if I am not mistaken, that that doing good – i.e. impacting (mental health) ppl’s lives ;) – is THE KEY to happiness. If one thing is for sure, I write from the core of my being. And as you are now aware hoping/praying to reach somebody, somewhere.<<Note to reader: This was edited on Feb25th, 2019.>>