Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down

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DIY Life Coach


Hey Life (Coach)! Here’s what you need to know about ME before we get started!

At a young age, pre HS, I found God. In 1998 I left the Catholic Church & found Yoga, Buddhism/ Hinduism. Since I have had many life experiences including being diagnosed Bipolar about 10 years ago after a psychotic break. (Note: I am not your typical bipolar, I suffer little in comparison to the mainstream.) I have been married to an (East) Indian for almost six (6) years and have a vibrant almost five (5) year old son, we have lived in Macau most of my son’s life.

I got certified as a Yoga Instructor last year but am a soft teacher, into stress relief & restoration, so didn’t attract many students nor provide enough offerings. I really took the month off for YTT for my son, so that I could better serve him but that has proven to have had its downfalls as I am now aware that I really need/needed to serve myself. My spirit. My soul.

Further, you need to know that I firmly believe that I am in the process of evolving, awakening… but lately it’s been a struggle because I feel very isolated. My husband works long hours & my social calendar is somewhat limited to dinner dates with my son, if not partly by choice. (QT with the family is very important to us.) I am aware that there is more that unites us than divides us, in this world, but I have been experiencing a duality of the light and the dark.

And so I have decided, I want to stop struggling and become my own best friend – enjoy my own company. I want to make healthy choices; choosing what I need most over what I want at the moment. I want to create constancy – level out the discrepancies between the waves for optimal mind/body/soul health. I want to deeply/truly accept that my life does not have to be like a roller coaster but can be more like the ocean. I understand that that is sometimes turbulent but on average just fluctuates with Mother Nature. And I can thank Dyer for this one: “I want peace; the result of retraining my mind to process life as it is rather than as I think it should be”.

This is my blog & I am writing a Screenplay; an autobiography. I think perusing the last 10/15 or so posts will give you an idea of who I am and where I am at. I suspect that with this letter to you, my battery is just low, as I believe that I am close & yet so very far away from living my life to the fullest! Frankly, I don’t know what’s wrong with me – I have everything a girl could want and more.

And so Life (Coach), I most look forward to hearing how you think that you could help me reach my goals but more importantly I think we need to start with a simple question “Do you think that we are compatible?”.