Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down

A Lenten Sacrafice

Sometimes it’s not what’s directly in front of us that is clearest but it’s what is really happening behind the scenes.

And so, I say it again because I think I deleted it.

Resolutions associated with (Western) New Years are over rated! The cleaning/rebirth that comes alive with Spring suits me best or so I have to believe.

…I did make mention that I’ve hit my bottom. The bottom of neglect. For myself – for my body and mind have you – this is a Mental health feed. But it goes deeper than that, sadly it’s clear that it’s inside.

My inner world, my spirit, on a cellular level really concerns me. The awakenings that I have had with the spanking of my son are profound.

And so, in keeping with the “I WANT TO THRIVE” as a parent, yogi, human, …bipolar theme, I have decided to follow a late great ladies advice & “lay it at his feet”. … The short of that is that I have decided to honor Lent by giving up vino!!!!? We already know that it’s much easier to reach for a drink to escape from the daily grind & life’s disappointments but I’m gonna do it!

I’m not a practicing Catholic & the reference to “he” rubs me the wrong way but in the spirit of Fresh Starts – I don’t want to throw the baby out w/ the bath water – I’m gonna surrender.

I’m gonna finally surrender and then I’m gonna surrender again! I’m gonna lay my dysfunctional ways at the Universe’s proverbial feet in hopes of deepening my faith – expanding my heart – increasing my relationship with the divine.

I’m not going to give in to safe & easy anymore. I’m gonna re-route the neuro pathways!

The weather is often less harsh in Spring & therefor, in truth, it should be far easier. But make no mistake about it. This much is true. My foundation in the Spirit was once much stronger.

So much so that I’m not sure anymore what my Yoga of late has taught me. I’m wondering even what did I ever learn under my parents wing & protection? In Sunday school? In church?

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