Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Press36 Indians apache-chief-james-a-garfield

Note to Reader: I know that this is not the most well written ‘Press’ but it’s timely &, forgive ME, something that I just have to get off my chest. I promise to come back and edit it soon. On that note, I am going to edit all of my ‘Presses’ soon; I am going to go back and look for spelling and grammatical errors and add some missing impertinent information about me and my hormones – do stuff to show you Readers how much I care. Just been feel guilty that I’ve been teasing you asking you to “stay tuned in” for so long & want to scratch “Indians” off my list of To Do’s. And so I begin…

Calling all Indians, Engage herein. Engage with the HELP within ME. Engage with the HELP within You. Engage! Come here, better said: HEAR this! Have HOPE.

When you get to Art Martinez, PhD, listen closely. He says: “We know that the solutions to our problems Psychologically, Spiritually & culturally are problems that the solutions to which exist in within our CULTure. (This is where I get confused… I get the message but I can’t make out what exactly he is saying.) There’s strength, a natural impulse, within a culture to be well and to be healthy.”

… I want to be healthy and I believe that I can HEAL thy (my) self. Reminds me; I used to go to a great masseuse in DC… He was a young kid at the time, younger than me. He & his boss were just wonderFULL people. Wonder if he’s still at Healthy Self Therapy & Wellness Center just south of Dupont? If you live or visit DC, you can find them online.

He, this young Scandinavian man, was there for me when I needed him. He went above and beyond the call of duty and was there for me just like a very best friend, he turned me on to a very powerful Sanskrit meditation; the Yoga Nidra. (I had heard it, done it, before but not specifically for healing purposes.) I tried to set him up with a Ballerina friend of mine; I tried to get him to go Ice Skating with us. He was young, alone, a deeply spiritual guy, for his age, but in the end a no show. My girlfriend would have liked him.

But I digress, this ‘Press’ is about American Indians. Bet you thought I was gonna bore you with more stories about East Indians and ME? Gather I didn’t fool you with the image of Apache Chief, 1889 that I stole from But I’m not, so let me get to it.

Do you know how I got my pen name, Princess Marksalot? Thought I’d share: It began many moons ago; when my mother told me that her mother told her, when she was a kid, that “A” grandfather or Great grandfather had married an IP. A Cherokee American IP, a.k.a. Indian Princess! Since I heard the story, also as a Child, I’ve always thought that that too made me a “Princess”. I’ve always wanted to sit around a camp fire, mind you in a head dress, and beat my drum. Gather, I will have to add that to my bucket list.

It occurs to me, this morning, that in many ways this blog is my drum and it helps me heal.

The “Marksalot” part is a little fuzzy now. But I have always strived to mark a lot of people, kinda like signing an “I Love You” card with a big black Sharpie. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always strived to make lasting impressions; I’ve always tried to spread the love, the joy in my heart. I’ve always tried to let my little candle shine.

… I just want life to be SPECIAL & if I can make it special for myself and for others than I feel that I have led a good life. Once, long before I was diagnosed, a man near John Hopkins in Baltimore, MD and I used to cross each other’s paths often around lunch time. Once, he stopped me on the street and told me that seeing me was like getting a “breath of fresh air”… he enjoyed running into me. He noticed ME and I noticed Him.

Another story that I’ve always wanted to share: Once, this WON time, at a NPR cocktail party, I met an Indian – an American Indian… I told him about my grandmother and a few of my paranoid “stories”. I thought it a mere coincidence, our meeting, until: exercising in a park just off U Street the next morning, I met another American Indian. His t-shirt read: “Every Indian knows that you cannot trust the Government.”

Problem is, I do. I did and so did my ancestors?! In my mind they were peaceful people. They didn’t want war. No one needs war but I concede sometimes it’s necessary. Am so grateful John Lennon sang at my “wedding”. He sang Make Love, not War. It’s such a simple song. Sometimes I wish I could be a song writer; sometimes I was I could be that simple.

Note to Reader: I had to edit the explanation of the “Princess” part when I read the facts. 7:07am MT 21 June, 2013. Think I’m gonna Open an account with; an old roomate of mine had alot of FUN finding out about her past tHERE.

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