Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down

A fish out of water

The exchange was a complete mess; I let the Republicans get closer, and the Democrats felt threatened. And while I was working hard to conceal the fact that they were the ones that I wanted to be helping me; I was afraid of losing him. SLM: more appropriately Scum Lazy-ass Moron…

You see my new hairdresser had many Republican clients, including Laura Bush or so I was told; & she, the former, gave me a cactus. She told me that she grew them on her balcony; and I took it as a sign from SLM, a republican, the man I left in Arizona. He wanted me to know how close he was.

The salon wasn’t far from the White House but once I got back to Dupont a man in a black suit, or was it blue, no matter, on Connecticut Avenue approached me out and inquired what was in the bag. He wore sunglasses with a price tag still on them?! Either he wasn’t expecting ME and needed to conceal his identity quickly or he was trying to tell ME something?! Maybe he was trying to tell ME that he had been paid for. Maybe he was turning in a favor. Maybe I should have ran but I just said “It’s just a cactus for Black Beauty (that’s ME), Nerd – now back the hell off!”

I definitely should have used the camera on my cell phone more, those days I ran into so many weird souls?! People helping people… SLM couldn’t have paid for everything… he was so afraid of getting involved! How he protected his “friends”; it’s not like he was ir is ever going to run for President. If I had to place a bet, I’d bet the Democrats did it for FREE.

In retrospect, I think the man on the street was trying to conceal his identity. God knows I was doing nothing of the sort – I pranced around waving my cactus in the air, I wanted “Them” to see. I wanted someone to notice ME. I wanted to be one of the well respected extremely sought after ‘People’ of DC…

WOW howabout that for some honesty! (Came out of no where…) I was so out of place, in DC, a fish out of water.

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