Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down


You know when the website that you are on surges, or your cursor blinks, or when you receive a ??? email when you happen to be online… ‘Someone’ is watching you.

Or similar… Imagine this: I was scripting a letter in Word to Family and Friends, and I wanted to check the use of “phenomena”, with respect to Carly a phenomenal girl with Autism, on Merriam’s and an ad showed up directing me to a site about AUTISM?!?! What are the chances? How did know that my use of the Word had anything to do with Autism? There are still ‘mice’ in my computer!

The first time that I noticed it was years ago when my computer automatically started playing music… I must have hit a ‘button’ but I thought the songs were streaming to my computer through the internet &amp (each had a message &amp) I knew who each song was from… that was weird!

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