Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down


Although unrecorded, and merely a part of my memory, my first episode nearly cost me my diploma! I lost a good? ‘friend’ to the second!!

In the beginning (likely first episode): I had always been a star student, in studio… but my Thesis was way too theoretical and its richness was way over my head. That year, my teachers were never satisfied with my solutions and I was asked to redesign it several times. Night after night, suffering from designer’s block; (I couldn’t give-in and build a tower, I had to bury the NYHS depository) I was the first to leave the studio to go home to cry myself to sleep.

The second (unrecorded) episode started with a numbing sensation down the right side of my body. I had thought that I pulled something in the gym but the doctor’s thought it was Cancer or MS. I was in the doctor’s office for weeks on end; test after test were negative but something was wrong I had localized pain and migrating numbness down my RIGHT leg and in the back of my head and stretching over my RIGHT eye…

It was an overcast day, my little sister had just left Paradise Valley after a long visit, and I decided to break up with my boyfriend, who is now called “Scum Lazy-ass Moron”, of five (5) years. I didn’t like the way that he treated her… I thought he acted superior to her; and not “older brother” material – and therefore certainly not “marriage material”! I acted fast, I was out of the house within weeks. It was a long time ago, I don’t remember all the details (I remember crying on the patio in the heavy rain) but I skipped work and consequently also lost my job! I had to leave my slice of Paradise – everything was falling apart; my personal life, my professional career and my health!

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