Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down

ME & MY Starfish

I had had too much stimulation for one day and went to my corner deli to read a Newsweek article on leadership and to eat a sandwich. I couldn’t remember the last time I ate… I knew to keep my head down as I didn’t want to be further distracted or leak the secrets of the code. By this point it was clear that this body of angels & I had many enemies.

Slowly and suddenly everything around me grew silent, the table next to me cleared their trays and left, and the commotion on the sidewalk seemed to slow down and then came the cough, [Japan Man] who I had only met once prior was leaving the deli with [everybody loves the Italian guy] who was holding a CityPaper.

God bless them, they were confused… they thought my firm was the crux of my trouble. You see in DC everybody, like most people in cosmopolitan cities, has an agenda but in DC there are also those secret agendas. [Japan Man] and [everybody loves the Italian guy] were sent to guide me into revealing to the local rag the injustices of the small architectural practice that I worked for in hopes of putting me out of my misery. They thought that, that alone, would help me sleep. In many ways it would have but I was entangled in something that had more depth, something more deserving of… the Post.

Long story short, much to my surprise [Japan Man] ended up inviting me for a drink at Dragonfly, a swank white bar in DuPont Circle. I had been eager to get to get to know him. He had an air about him; he was self-assured and always had a look that there was more going on than he was at liberty to tell you. James Bond like and this was the night that was going to I learn why!

About a half an hour into our conversation a good friend of mine entered the bar gave me a kiss, complimented how stunning I looked and sat six (6) stools away from us waiting for his date. He watched me flirt with [Japan Man] as he sipped his martini… (I questioned his friendship and wondered if he had been planted in my world.)

About a half an hour later another very attractive man in a khaki linen suit and a pink and orange tie entered the bar. He sat closer to us and ordered a sapphire, tonic and roses. (My spidey sense went up… That was my drink?!?! Besides, his tie was perfect for the occasion: Me, naive little girl & he, on a mission.) His English accent was thick and his body language screamed I am ready to PARTY!

Not but moments later [Japan Man] kissed me goodbye (on the cheek, it was our first kiss) and made a comment about starfish. My starfish? He noticed my Tiffany’s starfish?!?! (Did he also know about the Macy’s bags? How much did he know?)

So now I think: [Japan Man’s] task was deeper than I initially understood & now his ‘job’ was fulfilled: [Japan Man] brought me to that bar to meet the [Agent] in the pink & orange tie b/c he, [Japan Man] couldn’t afford to get caught up in my mess! He had other fish to fry. He was after the Architects… he was just the delivery boy!

… I have yet to hallucinate, or so I can remember but if I could, the story would have ended like this: The [Agent] took me out clubbing (I have never been clubbing) to tell me in a loud crowded place that “they are working on it… that there is truth behind my conspiracies  & I should keep quiet”! But alas, like most of my fantasies sitting alone at the bar, from that point forward, was rather uneventful.

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