Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down

Eighteenth Street

I was always walking “up & down” 18th   Street… and ironically, although it was a straight line like many modern city streets, it was my maze. I lived right off of it, worked on it and frequented its local establishments daily, routinely… Deli’s, Doctor offices, the Beauty Parlors. The amazing thing was that I was so close to it; it was ONE EIGHT… or better ONE STAR (see your keyboard) an appropriate street for me/us?!?!

However appealing it was to think that one day Matt Lauer would be interviewing me, I was terrified – I didn’t like being a guinea pig. But I knew the day was coming in which Dupont’s matrixes would be revealed.

In part that’s why I have worked so hard to keep my privacy, your privacy secret. Like then, ‘WE’ couldn’t risk letting the ‘cat out of the bag’ too soon. Sure many of you, who might be reading this, know one another and can guess whom I might be talking about… but my agents never revealed themselves twice. At least I didn’t notice, I tried not to notice. I tried not to beeline my way into their private lives. ‘Cept a few, like the nurse that attended to my boyfriend’s broken foot. I saw her again at Starbucks, she was escorted in by a Police Officer?

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