Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down

Face Value

When I am MANic – I take things too far, I elaborate too much and I read between the lines and when I’m not, manic that is, I just take things at face value.

My older sister said that to me once… that “You take things at face value”… although she did not mean for it to be offensive as it is true (and not a quality one aspires to). I admit, I am fairly shallow but, on paper, well-educated. (You’d think after living in Washington that I would know that the donkey represents a Democrat. But I cannot keep such details… I do not know if it’s the illness but my memory has been shot for years. I recently read that one’s memory can start to deteriorate around 45 years of age but mine’s been shot for years & I am not yet 40. God willing I won’t suffer too much at 45.)

In truth however, I didn’t pay enough attention in grade school! When I finally did excel, in College, I excelled in DESIGN and not History nor Structures but I excelled in the poetics of Architecture School.

None of which is of great help to me now, considering I haven’t worked since my child was born. Sure, I can help my child(ren) learn to see things creatively but I am not going to be much help when it comes to his homework. Am hoping that I can relearn some things as he grows but how much I will keep is to be discovered.

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