Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down

Did I ever tell you?

Did I ever tell YOU: “THANK YOU”? You, the tall one with brown hair that taught me how to demonstrate my appreciation. Are you listening? We were having lunch, albeit at separate tables, at the Middle Eastern Restaurant south of Dupont and you very kindly made a small scene of shaking your bag that said THANK YOU in red! Yes, I got it that message…

& YOU, did you notice that I am learning to write? You, the African-American man from Starbucks! Are you listening? You sat next to me, early one morning and tapped your finger on an ad for writing classes in the City Paper… (one of the more overt hints I was given)

& ALL of YOU, I saw you wearing the Nautica gear… your message was clear. I wasn’t going to get caught playing ‘oleWashingtongames. Thanks for trying to protect ME…

And finally, YOU, did you hear me the first time – the time I told you to “FUCK OFF”? You, you know who you are, I hope that you are listening. You put BUSH bumper stickers, albeit upside down, all over my apartment before we moved in on U Street?!?! Did you really think that I was going to start voting Republican just because he helped me out???

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