Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down


Alot of people wear BLACK: Artists, Architects, Stage Crews, Nuns & Priests – black is not just for the higher intelligentsia, nor New Yorkers.

But you know the ones that I am talking about: the types that wear all black outfits, nearly every cotton picking day?!?! They carry black leather bags and sport black iPhones; they wear so much black that they might as well be wearing WHITE. (Did you know, long ago: that black belts, like the kind used in karate, are only black because they were originally white and had never been washed? I wonder if thatt’s also true for clergy men?)

I bring this up BLACK because… there was a period where I believed that an army of artists were going to Take Over the World! I believed that the Creatives, ME included, were going to start getting more credit for their labors.

But sadly that dream fell apart the day that I decided to wear all WHITE; it was timely, my peeps were speaking to me and I was speaking back, I had arrived and literally saw ALL WHITE: 5 or 6 white cars outside the front gate of my apartment* and my client, in a white dress. That coupled with the prospect of a rather traditional American wedding that followed the next day was just all too thrilling.

I even got the message: “manIC  panIC” but like a young boy proudly attesting to his lack of fear, I pressed on. Yeah, I pressed on alright; I pressed myself right into another hospital bed… so much for white and for that matter black! I missed that boat and gladly I was married in ORANGE.

*Upon seeing the cars, (I had asked for horses) I had to go back inside the apartment and tone down the white with a PINK tanktop!

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