Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down

I bought a black teddy for he who Dances with (the) Wolves

I was paging through the newspaper one Valentines Day weekend before I left DC + Kevin Costner was featured in, I believe, a military suit… and it made me think of an old fling. You must understand at the time I thought that THE WORLD – or at least a select few Washington legals, lawyers and bureaucrats were trying to teach me a lesson… I was discovering that seeds were planted in every day paraphernalia: newspapers, magazines, etc.. And I was reading messages into everything. In a way, perhaps, I was discovering my subconscious mind and how it was/is effected by the whirl of information that passes us by every day.

In this case, when I saw Kevin Costner’s photo, it reminded me of a photo I have, (or had, dunno what I got rid of over the years) of a very austere looking gentleman with strong jaw bones and a big nose in a dark suit. I loved this man a long time ago and the photo of KC triggered a desire to rekindle that old fling and pretend that I had a Valentine. On the off chance that it was a message from my X, I bought a ‘lil black number from Victoria’s Secrets on a very snowy day in February 2006.

On the surface, my passions didn’t really fit in (DC) but I learned something very basic there – that might be taught in Marketing 101. I learned that there are messages behind: branding, the colors one wears on game day, the sunglasses you choose to wear (at the time, I wore Dior with tiny hearts), the grocery stores one chooses to shop at – stuff as simple as whether or not you chose to use Pur-Elle or a generic hand sanitizer.

What I mean by “messages” is that similar to the code of fraternity brothers… Translating these messages comes easy to the highly involved type, the ones that pay close attention to news, fashion, sports (whatever your flavor) and have a competitive spirit. No idiot wears pink to a football game… but then again I might!?!?

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