Being Bipolar isn't EASY

and the Art of Slowing it Down


I am Princess Marksalot, a.k.a. my childhood hero: Pippi (for she has courage) and this is my blog. It’s about how I have managed to cope, with A LOT of help from my family/ friends, and my idiosyncratic interpretation of things.

I publish it for my Angels, Strangers, Lovers, Family and Closest Friends but especially for my Secret Weapon and now, most importantly, newborn Son. I trust each of you know who you are.*

I use some words lightly/ creatively and others ever so CONCIOUSly with their classic meaning(s). Words, like super heroes, have special powers. (If you choose to read deeper, you will be able to decode which is which or what is what – whichever is most correct – it’ll be easy; you’ll get the picture.)

Years ago, I wanted to write a book called “MsckahIdimot: My scarves can kill and how I drowned in my own thunderstorm” with the subtitle: “a tale of BEing mentally CHALLENGED”. But things have changed, for the better, since then and this blog will be therapeutic for me and less about an old obsession to discover who was behind an undercover investigation of me and, sometimes, my family.

Sound koo-koo?? It should… in the grand scheme of things, I am a Nobody.

But I ask you the following questions: Have you ever felt like you were being watched? (i.e. That there was somebody following you or tapped into your computer or listening to your phone conversations?) Have you ever thought that a publication’s (i.e. Magazine, Newspaper or Office Memo) headline was about you or written specifically for You? Or better – have you ever impulsively bought that a publication because you were drawn to its Message: Content/ Design, etc.? and finally, Have you ever thought that the song playing on the radio or the CD you accidentally turned on was meant for you to hear exactly at that time, on that day? Kinda like, when you’re thinking about an old friend and then they call you out of the blue… synchronicity.

I have; so if you’re a little curious about me – read on.

A small part of me wishes that I could write “MsckahIdimot” as it would imply that I am not mentally ill but was made that way… but gratefully I don’t have the desire to write that book anymore, that story is finally dead!

*If a story rings true to you, I would appreciate it if you would please keep it on the down low; as this blog will have highly personal content and, then again, merely my interpretation of things.

Please note: I have been working on this introduction for quite some time and only just finished editing on 4:19am MT 22 June, 2013.

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